A sad observation on the air

I have worked 7 statessides on 15m CW this morning. Four of them have ended off their transmission with "BK" in stead of the usual style of identification. The number of QSOs is too small to conclude anything. But it is quite similar to what I have felt about the style of QSOs recently as I posted before. I am sorry but should add the observation that there were a few among these 4 stations who could hardly receive the message other than call or report etc.

I was also surprised to hear a contest being held on a plain week day yeasterday. It was something like RCC. Maybe, not the old Ragchwers Century Club but Russian Contest Club. 20m was occupied by those contesters. I firmly oppose them to hold a contest on any plain week day. Do they want to fill the bands with 599BK type QSOs all the time? What a worthless idea! Don't they know that these contests are expelling the people who would like to communicate on CW? This contest addiction clashes with the QSOs as real communication. Those who learned CW as a tool for contesting won't know that it is originally for real commuunication. A CW club which has started this kind of contest on plain week day is also responsible for this. I can't believe they insist advocating CW to the beginners. They might only reproduct the contest addicts.

Well, both phenomena means, in my view, that CW communication is in a long lasting process to fade out from the history or to go into a drastic metamorphosis into a kind of game. At any rate, it is not what I like. I might think of fading out of this hobby then.

A relief was a nice chat with Dick N7RC about Shouji Hamada and his pottery work.

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