An idea of CW reception process

A friend of mine has sent me a mail of his idea regarding reception of QRQ CW. His idea seems that we should receive a word or a phrase as a mass or a group and then take its meaning. According to his idea, we should not take each character.

I thought it is not related with only reception of QRQ. It is a general question how we receive CW because QRQ reception is a quite relative or individual question. 15WPM may be QRQ  for someone while the others take it as QRS. What I think of this issue is like below.

I guess, when we are accoustomed with CW code and trying to communicate with it, we are taking each letter in almost subconsciousness. We won't be conscious of the spelling but are taking it in order to get the meaning. In communication, taking the meaning is the most important process. Our mind must concentrate on it.

In that process, we look back and forward in relation with the present word or phrase we are receiving. We speculate its meaning with the knowledge of what has been sent immediately before that wor or phrase. We might expect what the sender is going to say next. In this process , our consciousness may be making ever lasting communication between the past and the future. Receiving each letter is not very crucial but is done without being conscious of it.

It is comparable to reading and writing. In reading and writing, we are not conscious of the spelling of a word or a phrase except for a case of difficult one. We are always conscious of what we mean or what the sentence means.

This is a rough sketch of my idea. It is my dream to describe it with the help of brain science, especially newly developing functional brain science in the future.

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