Clarinet trio by Brahms

One of my favorite composers is Brahms. His chamber musics are excellent works without any exception. Especially, the works composed in the latest years in his life attract me much. They sound as if Brahms were whispering to me that he had something to tell me in private. His works are different from the outstanding structure of universe in Bach or the ardent and expansive enthusiasm in Beethoven. But Brahms' best character seems to be in the intimacy to the audience, needless to mention of his neoclassical background.

This performance featuring viola for the place of clarinet sounds great. This viola gives us a warm feeling in the pathetic melodies. It is making a big success comparable to or even more than clarinet.  The cellist, Wendy Warner, being not very famous in the music world yet, is a pretty proficient cellist. Her decisive and wide scaled performance is really fascinating.  Here is the video clip of the 1st movement of this music. The other 3 movements are of course great works as well.


I used to listen to this music so many times at various occasions. When I started cello at med school, I went to a concert held at a small shrine hall. Having the sunset through the window, they have performed this work with incredible passion. I still remember the 1st theme reproduced by cello in different tonality in the 1st movement. It has moved my mind deeply. The passion in the music overwhelmed me at that time, not understanding muc of the pathos in it.

This music has been a good friend of mine. The passion in the pathetic background in this music resonates strongly with my mind heading toward retreat in life! How will it sound to me at the upcoming new stage of my life?

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