Northwest FOC Weekend 2012

I have registered the meeting titled above held in Seattle this summer. The site is here.

I was told to attend it by Steve W7QC last spring, I guess. My answer was that I would go there if I could retire by this spring. It came true. So far, everything is going on straightly for retirement. I owe much to Steve, Bill W7GKF and Alan AC2K who are preparing this event and eagerly asked me to go there.

It has been a dream for me to see old friends before we get so old that I could not recognize them. It will be a reality soon this summer. When I told Joe KC0VKN I had been a shy boy, he was laughing at me. But it is true. I hope they won't treat me like a special guest or something.

I and my wife have spent very busy lives as doctors and could not travel abroad together yet. This will be our 1st ever trip. She looks forward that so much. She has already got the passport. She only hopes there will not be only ham nuts like me there. They say Seattle in summer is a great place to visit. Both of us are looking forward this trip very much. We are planning go down to the Bay area or LA. To Az as well if the time permits.

Only sorrow is that I haven't heard anything from Gary W5ZL who promised me to see each other at the meeting after finishing his chemo protocol for his cancer. I hope he and his wife Leslie would surprise us showing up there. I also worry about Gary W0CGR who has been under treatment for the advanced cancer as well. He could be there also if he did not develop that problem.

So see you in eye balls this summer, friends, either old or new.


  1. Shin San,

    I am happy to hear that you are planning on coming to the USA this summer and to visit Seattle in Summer will truly be a great trip for both of you.

    Seattle is a truly beautiful place to visit in the summer time, when you can see what all that rainfall does to the beauty of this place. I grew up in a similar climate in Oregon and know about tall Fir trees, and wonderful natural flowers of the forested lands.

    In this blog you mention travelling to Los Angeles and perhaps to Arizona. I truly hope that it will be possible to meet you in person if that happens. But my wife has her 50th High School Reuinon in August this summer and we may be in Oregon instead of home in Arizona.

    I know you will enjoy yourself, and for the sake of you wife that she finds some other wives of hams that she can spend time with and see some of the many sights while on your trip.

    73'& Thanks
    Bob Gates
    Mesa, AZ

  2. Bob,

    Both of us are really looking forward to visiting the NW of US this summer. If the schedule won't be so tight, we may drive across the US to the East Coast hi. In Az, a good friend of mine, Mike W7LPV, has invited me to visit his QTH in Sedona. I don't know if we could go there or not yet. Dave K6XG and his wife have also kindly invited us to their home as well. See you when you are free from your schedules.

    I have many places I would visit, if not this time. Santa Barbara, Manteca and one of my oldest friend's place, Bob W6CYX in San Jose etc.

  3. Shin,

    Wow, just discovered your blog; it's almost as interesting as your qsos!

    Not being honored as FOC (anyone who has heard my fist will know why) it doesn't look like I will be attending their Seattle meeting. But if you are in SoCal thereafter, I sure would like to meet you and your wife. San Diego is a great town and we have a spare bedroom.

    Hope you can make it,

    73 Al, N6ZI

  4. Hi Al,

    I haven't seen you for a while. Haven't you been on a cruise to Mediterranean Sea again?

    Yes, having an opportunity immediately after my retirement, I would visit Seattle with my wife in July. Any other schedule is not fixed yet. My wife is still working so, allowing moving over the Pacific ocean a couple of days, we could spend about a week or so in the West Coast. If I could go down to your area, I will let you know about it. Don't hesitate entering the FOC. You deserve it, Al. Thanks for your offer anyway.

    See you soon again.

  5. Hi Shin,

    I hope that you had a great day today. You had a QSO with a friend of mine today, KB6VSE - Steve in Benbow, CA. He reminded me of your blog and so I am now caught up to current.
    I am happy to hear that you and your wife will be coming to Seattle soon! Also I did not know that you were friends with Bill, W7GKF. I just signed off from a great QSO with him and his dog Katie on 40. :)
    Take Care and I am sure I will be hearing your GREAT signal again soon.

    Jack WA7HJV

  6. Hi Jack,

    Yes, I have talked to Steve this morning. He told redwoods were disturbing his signal to take off there hi. But his 90 watts was really great on 15m. Have I told him about this blog? Maybe, he has googled about it and reached here. Anyway, I am pleased to have you here as one of the audience. Bill has been a good friend of mine since 1980s. He is a real active and goodwill operator.

    I also enjoy QSOs with you every time. I still owe you on contacting with ole Bernie in Walla Walla. The eyeball with him has been a fond memory for me since teenage days. Thanks again for your help.

    See you again soon.