Shameful conducts by bureaucrats

A recent paper article told that the governmental administration office had delivered the data of SPEEDI, the predicting sysytem for the nuclear contamination in the nuclear power plant accident, to the US Army as well as to IAEA in a day or two after the accident happened. The other mass media told that the personel of the Min. of Education, Science and Culture had started measuring the radiation in the environment around the disaster area as soon as it occurred. They were aware that certain areas where some refugees had stayed following to the governmental warning had been heavily contaminated. But no warning was given to the refugees according to the real measurement data by them at that time. Those refugees had not known of the fact until they were interviewed and informed of the fact by mass media a few days later.

Those informations, which were vitally important for the refugees, were not passed to the government. It is really surprising but they were shelved by some bureaucrats.

This is a crime to the people. We should find out who was responsible for this criminal affair. What sysytem enbled them behave this way? Our bureaucrats have had a principle of behavioural policy since preWWII period; do not give the informations to the people but make them rely on the bureaucrats.

I am afraid that this event was another example of this shameful conduct by the bureaucrats.  

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