Randy W6SJ has sent me a "Haiku" .  It sounds like an ode to CW as well as to FOC.

"Pure form we treasure
But more than that we all love

Haiku is a short poem composed of 3 short sentences/phrases or words. Three sentences/phrases or words are composed of 5,7 and 5 characters in japanese Katakana. Since Katakana is essentially different from alphabet in function, it may be impossible to make Haiku in English.

The essence of Haiku may be the suggestive idea or emotion left with this simple structure of poem. In this regard, you may make poems in English comparable to Haiku.

I apologized Randy for my inability to comment of his work due to my little knowledge of Haiku telling him that he has asked about Haiku to a wrong person. But it still sounds like a Haiku. A warm and heartfelt idea of brass pounders.

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