We don't have a habit of taking Chirstmas holidays in Japan. It was a quiet and peaceful weekend for us. I have seen a few patients in emergency at the clinic. Norovirus infection is in a moderate outbreak here. This highly contagious virus is making a rash course of vomit and diarrhea in many cases. Except for that, I spent relaxing days on the last weekend. The only thing special for the season was just listening to the Mass in H minor by Bach. I have made a terrible mistake in spelling of this music as "the Mess in H minor" in some QSOs. A really shameful messy mistake.

I am still pretty active on 40m around 13Z and on 15m around 22Z. Forty meters around sunset used to be  my favorite band years ago. It always sounds very vacant these days. Very few signals of night owl from statesside or early birds from Europe. It is not the case on 40m around the sunrise in US. There are a number of guys getting on and sometimes giving me a call in a row. It was like attending a Christmas party at a friend's home last Saturday. I have had very good conversations with a number of friends from statesside. Fifteen meters is pretty stable for DX, which I like much. I like listening the hollow sound of CW coming over the north pole. I am finishing a day with QRQ contact with the usual company like Steve N6TT on 40m around the sunrise time in the West Coast.

I am often told or asked about my plan for the trip to Seattle next July. The answer is definitely yes, so far. I have confirmed the doctor to come and take over my office a few days ago. He said affrimative and is getting ready for the move now. My wife has alrady taken the passport for that trip. I should do many paper works for this transition. I guess everything will go on smoothly. I could not help, however, smiling to hear someone rumors about my trip to Seattle. I should have kept it a secret, maybe.

This weekend, I will go to my parents in law place in JA5, where all family members gather. My father in law is taking a cardiac catheterization at a hospital as a regular check up while mother in law staying at a nursing facility. Both of them are supposed to be back home by the weekend. I haven' seen them so often in the past. I should apologize them for that and do anything I could for them.

So, my friends, look for me on the above mentioned band/time. I will be very pleased to hear your voice on CW.

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