At a domestic concert in the univ. orchestra camp back in '70s

Classical music, especailly chamber musics, used to charm me so much. My mother used to seriously worry when I kidded her to quit the med school and to enter a music univ. for study in cello. I started cello when I entered the med school and was not good at it at all. But, since I have changed my speciality from mechanical engineering to medicine no so long before that, my mother was anxious to know what I would do next! A sweet mother.

In the end of summer vacation, the med school orchestra used to have a camp in a mountain area. We have spent a few days devoting ourselves to practising orchestral works. It was a real fun and an enthusiastic time for me. At the end of the camp, we used to hold a small concert for the club members. Since I was oriented to chamber musics from the beginning, I always asked friends to play some chamber music and "forced" them to listen to us in such a concert. The photo above was such a scene in '70s. I can't recall what piece we played. Maybe an easy piece of Mozart etc. It doesn't matter me. It is more important to me that, from this piece of old photo, I could listen the sound of the breeze coming down from the mountain as well as could see the mellow touch of sun ray coming through the window of the hall.


  1. There is something very special about music in the mountains, especially classical music. Perhaps it is the combination of sensory experiences that causes such pleasure.
    Bill, W6QR

  2. Hi bill,

    Nice to hear from you on line as well as on the air at almost the same time. Trekking or hiking seems to be your another hobby. So you may understand what we have felt in such a small private concert among the mountains. Time has still flown away. I hope to enjoy a bit of trekking when I retire. See you again. Enjoy being with your granddaughter for 3 days.


  3. Shin,

    We just worked on 40M cw, thanks, and nice to work you again, HNY and best to you and your family.

    Jim N4DU

  4. Dear Shin,
    I spoke to you on CW on 40m at about 1200Z this morning. You really made my day as I have been trying for some time to QSO with Japan and you were my second Japanese contact since I erected this new Delta Loop fed with open line last Sunday. I usually sign AE6WU but called you as W2/AE6WU because I wanted you to know I am on the East Coast and its harder to reach to JA from here!!
    Then I was so pleasantly surprised to see your thoughts expressed on this blog. I share your feeling that when the band is open thesedays it feels like a worldwide party is happening.
    I also played cello as a young boy in the 70's. My other hobbies are hiking and freediving. Here in NJ with cold long winter nights I have been getting up early and try to chat with Japan and Pacific. I tried at 1000 here and did not hear any Japanese stations, and a friend said I have to wait until 1200 and 1300 to start hearing them. But it seems to me that even 0900 it should be possible, thats about 6pm local for Japan.
    I look forward to talking to you again. -Phil W2/AE6WU

  5. Jim,

    Thanks for the QSO last night. I hope to make a longer one next time. Happy New Year and good health to you all.


    I took /AE for /Amateur Extra at first. It could be confusing! You may give your QTH in stead of W2/. It will work out fine.

    Anyway, it is always challenging to work the East Coasts from here. I felt you were excited to contact with me last night as well. The East Coasts are real DX for us while the West are just like neighbors.

    The band may open between 08 and 13Z. Of course, it depends on the solar activity and the set ups we are using. The best time might be around 20Z or a little bit later at your sunrise. The band will fade out earlier week by week since it is past the winter solstice for now.

    You used to be a cellist as well! Good. Let me know what you have done with it in your young days. Aren't you going on with it any longer?

    A very HNY to you and yours all. Thanks again.