Like a kaleidoscope

Last night, I have enjoyed working with the entire north hemisphere on 40m at the same time. It was a fun to hear G4FOC doing with a pile up from the Europeans while the East Coasts with modest set ups were talking each other. I felt as if watching the kaleidoscope. Even in the plateau of solar activity, we scarcely experience this condition. The inosphere makes us feel united each other all over the world.

Pete W1RM, listening me working a number of Europeans, has given me a mail telling about the 9th symphony  of Beethoven. I don't think he has intended to say this but believe this feeling of bonding across the borders of nations is as precious as the poem of Schiller which used to recite in the begininng of the new era of citizenry when the world requires cosmopolitanship.

By the way, the only thing I was not very happy with is that some operators finish their transmission with "BK" omitting sending each other's call sign. Do they save sometime of their lives with this type of operation? I feel hurried up by him. I always tell him that he seems to rash somewhere so I won't hold him any longer. I am discouraged to finish the QSO very soon. Meeting someone on the air is only a happening by accident. But once we meet on a band at sometime, we should take it an important thing in our lives. Why not making QSOs in a courteous and fruitful way? Isn't it against the modern trend to do things like a computer game?

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