The earthquakes in the time course

Someone has posted this clip to Youtube. It shows where earthquakes with the magnitude more than 3.0 have occurred in the time course around the devastating one on Mar11 in Japan. It depends on the official data and seems quite reliable.

From this clip, we intuitively notice that there was an increase of frequency of earthquakes in the area on the day before where the deavastating one hit on Mar 11th. It could be a prodrome of the big one. During the devastating earthquake, the other parts of Japan has spared with earthquakes. Was there any suppresion mechanism working ? There has been definite tendency of increased frequency of earthquakes going on in Japan after that on Mar 11th.

We should be prepared for the ongoing period of increased number of earthquakes for some time from now. Tokai area in cetral Japan facing to Pacific ocean, where a big earthquake has been predicted to occur, seems a little bit silent as for earthquake activity. This makes us feel rather worried. We should be prepared whatever happens there.

It is nonsense to live depending on the nuclear power plants which could be destroyed by an earthquake resulting in a devastating damages and pollutions to the adjacent vast areas.

The conclusion is clearly that only decommission of all nuclear power plants will save our country and innovation of new energy strategies other than nuclear power generation should be encouraged. No other choice.

The clip is here;


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