In the univ. orchestra in 1976

It was 1976 when I was on the stage of the university orchestra in Tokyo. The main program was the 1st symphony of Brahms. I was on the top side of celli part. It was only 3 or 4 years after I had started learning cello. The performance as well as my mind was burning. It was exciting to be in the flood of music.

Long time since I met this company. Time has passed. The memory is, however, shining brightly  in my mind as an ever lasting star.

I am scanning old pictures before they deteriorate. This is one of them. Just recalling good old days. 


  1. Hello Shin,

    Thank you for the QSO earlier this evening on 15 CW. Very strong signal and excellent CW. Looked you up on QRZ and found your interesting blog, which I have now bookmarked. We have a lot in common. I have been an amateur since '61 (age 13), almost exclusively CW. Not always active, but always kept my license current. You are a doctor, I am a lawyer (sometimes considered "natural enemies" HI). I am a former broadcast owner. My last radio station was a classical station in NY. Have now sold all my stations, but remain a classical enthusiast, particularly opera.

    Best wishes to you and your family. I look forward to hearing your CW again in the near future.

    Taylor WA4APB

  2. Hi Taylor,

    Thanks for the comment. It was a pity I could not go on operating radio in such good condition. It won't too long before I could enjoy ragchewing as much as I want. For I am planning to retire next spring.

    I am happy to get acuainted with such a ham as you who have spent life almost in the same period. I could not help smiling to read your introducing youre profession as natural enemy to my profession hi. Yes, the situation is changing here. A lot more sue cases are expected in the medical services here now. Recently AIU, an insurance company under AIG, has brought a case of emergency to a court due to traffic accident with a severe sequel. We, doctors, are shocked by the fact not a patient but an insurance company did it. Anyway, I hope our system won't go after yours in wrong sense, even though I know we still have many things to learn from your country.

    Let's talk about classical musics in our next QSO. That is one of th most enjoyable QSOs for me.

    Happy holiday seasons to you and yours. Again, thanks for the QSO.