A good thing not replaceable to anything in our life

This morning  the higher bands had generally sounded dead for the NA until I realized it started to open that way around 23Z. The signals sounded watery on the quiet background. I was called by Jim WB9VRP in South Bend Indianna.

We have done the typical shortyQSO. When we almost finished it, he told me we might had QSO long time ago. I have looked up my simple index note book, which is almost torn after over 20 years of use. Yes, it was Dec 15 1981 when we made the very first contact. He has a good memory.

It was at that moment when he sounded a little bit excited to know that. It is always amazing that we could notice the other emotionally moving through the keying. He has started to let me know what radio he used to use those days. He is only 52 years old, a young lad for me. I was also trying to recall those days, when I was at the dorm of a med school hospital, as I told in the other post. I told him I had upgraded my antenna from 14AVQ to 4 elements since then.

I was sorry I should get ready for my work soon and could not go on chatting with him. Coming across with such a guy as Jim after so many year absence, I could recall those old days and feel as if we shared our lives for that long time.

Isn't it a fun? It may not be so exciting or amusing but is still a good thing in life, which is not replaceable to anything. I will go on enjoying such a thing in the rest of my ham radio career.

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