Mowing and reasoning policy implementation

Not sparing myself at pulling weeds in sitting position, I am feeling much better with the back pain. I decided to cut the lawn with a small engine powered mower. The lawn has been invaded by various weeds without herbicide use. It was not an easy task. But I have done with it without much stress on back.

Very few people pay attention to this lawn. I often ask myself for what I am doing this work. Possibly, only for habit. I used to ask someone else to do this but was not happy with the way they had done. 

So far as I could continue it, I would do that by myself. After completing the work, I am always so pleased to see it becoming neat and beautiful. A simple thing. But still an important aspect of life in routine. A daily routine habit since my father's days.

By the way, the effective reproduction number, Rt, remains higher than 1.0 especially in Tokyo. The infected cases are increasing. It seems the medical and nursing facilities are the targets of cluster. Of course, there are people in high risk and medical staff/care givers at such places. Even if the outbreak remains only small cluster, it is an ominous phenomenon. Without tracking infected cases and taking maneuvers against outbreak in those facilities, it might be difficult for them to control infection.

I have found, from a report from the advisory board dated on May 1st, on April 7 whe the government has declared the emergency state regarding the outbreak, the Rt was much below 1.0 and the infected cases were peaking out by that time. For what have they issued that declaration which accompanied business shutdown request to the people? On what basis? The government or the advisory board has not explained that enough. They just told us to keep social distancing by 80%. Without clear scientific reasoning for the emergency state, the society would be messed up badly. Actually, the economy has been desperately falling leaving so many people in distress and poverty. The government has not provided any support policy for them in the beginning. It makes me suspect they have not taken it serious as it was. The scientific reasoning of each policy and of its implementation is important. 


  1. Shin: Hearing you well on 20 meters. I have removed my tower and Yagi antennas. I am not able to keep that maintained, and it had to go. I would enjoy a CW chat, but my end fed 130 ft wire makes me weaker than I was with the Yagi stack. This morning, 6/8 at 1200Z on 14033.6, you were S7 in New York...good enough for a chat.

    1. Don in NY? If you add your call sign, I could recognize you easily! Sorry for that. Twenty meters has been good for NA. See you there soon.

    2. Sorry, Don. I sure will look for you on 20m around the same time very soon. Thanks for your comment!