A new and possibly the last one for my wife

After having run more than 130K meters on her last Prius for the past 13 years, my wife has bought a new car named "Fit" of Honda yesterday. A lovely compact car. A lot of high tech in it made her a bit embarrassed. She is never a luddite in IT at all and may get used to it soon. In my case, it sure will trouble me a lot. This car might be her last one in her life. At our age, when we purchase any durable consumer goods like this, we should consider how long we will use it. From the end of our lives, we estimate how long it is durable.

We won't own luxurious cars like BMW but have had such popular car like this Fit. 

For the very first car, we have given an old Mitsubishi sedan from an uncle in our resident days. I guess the battery was needed to be replaced at that time. The engine has often stopped when stopping at a crossroad. It was still a fun to drive on that rag car. It was because we had had a lot of dreams in the future.

I taught her how to drive in the atheletic ground in the med school campus at mid night when there were no one around there. She was pregnant with our first child then. She has got the driver ticket when she came back to work in a few months. 

Ever since for the past over 40 years, we have driven a few models. At first, mostly used ones. Later, we could afford new ones pleasant to drive even though not luxurious at all. 

And we finally reach possibly the last model. Hopefully, we won't encounter any accidents with them until we withdraw from driving.


  1. I think that I had read that there was a limit on the number of miles that you could put on an automobile in Japan without replacing the engine. I suspect a smog issue. I know they sell "take out" engines in the US from Japanese cars that are about 75k km old. Chiaki's car looks to be pretty nice. She deserves it.

    1. Don,

      I don't think there is such a regulation in Japan. But when we go on using a car for longer than, possibly, 10 years, we should pay more tax for the car. The reason is that old cars impose more load on the environment. It is ridiculous. Because we are taking the test as for the function every 2 years paying a lot of money to the authority. I believe the system is a remnant of high economic growth era in our country when consuming was a highly admired virtue. Chiaki's new car is not very expensive. She finds some defects with the GPS etc but will get used to it in some time.