Seeing an old friend of mine W1ITU

The conditions are picking up now. Twenty meters is open to the East Coast early in the morning here.

Yesterday, as well as today, a guy was eagerly calling me with not very loud signal. It was John W1ITU in Cape Cod Mass. He used to be K5PKA in LA and later WG3U in MD, I believe. I have mentioned of him in the previous post here. We used to talk on 20meters CW when I was commuting to the med school hospital. Of course, from my mobile set up. It was exciting to talk to someone in the southern US like him from that simple set up, FT757GX with a Hustler mobile whip. As alrady told, the car was not automatic but manually shifted with the gear. It was like a circus to operate CW on that car. But it was still a fun.

Years later, I guess 3 years ago, we have run across again. He has retired and have been settled down in Cape Cod. His signal was again not very loud. Thrilling to hear him with a barefoot and a dipole. A power equivalent with a lamp and a piece of wire in the air.

We have known through facebook also. It is not the real excitement to talk on CW like before since we could communicate on that SNS. But still a fun. He seems to have enjoyed a couple of big trips recently, one to New Zaeland and the other to the arctic area in cruise. Soon he leaves for Virginia where a couple of his grandchildren are waiting for him and his wife.

It is always good to keep in touch with such old friends as him.

Maybe, already posted this one before. John with two kids in his WG3U days.



  1. You know Shin, I wasn't kidding about music and cw. It was almost creepy how easily it came to me. I remember taking the General Class exam in 1960 - you had to go to an FCC location -- this one in New Orleans. The room was filled with mostly men, mid-twenties and up and up. The CW test, as a prerequisite, was given first. It was a snap. Everyone sat there waiting as the examiner graded those tests. Finally he announced, "sorry, only one passed -- Mr. Griener come up and get your written exam." The room watched this 13 year old kid gingerly go up to get his test. If looks could kill, I wouldn't be writing this now! I've read recently that music seems to be the only thing that advanced Alzheimer patients seem to recall. I'm not quite there yet (!) but my memory ain't what it used to be. I've been away from code for years at a time -- it was a year since I was last on when I came across you. Then I stumbled across the ARRL Code Practice transmission day before yesterday - they were at 35 wpm, and despite the long lapses, as far as I can tell, my copying ability has not degraded one iota. I took their 35 wpm long hand and copied solid -- the best I ever did by hand. I am pretty sure I still could take 40 by ear. That's not bragging - like I said - it came so easily. I just think that is very interesting and somehow linked to music and both linked to this deep retention. Of course, I never learned to play an instrument, but I sure love music of almost all kinds.

    My sending, of course, shows years of no practice -- but that is completely different. Much more physical... Anyway, the brain is a funny place.

    1. Interesting, John. CW is a much simpler art but may have something common with music. I am so glad you have come back to CW after a hiatus. I am afraid it could be my turn to be inactive now. I hope you would go on operating CW for decades from now. It may activate our brain. I would go on operating CW even if i won't be so active as in the past decades. It is always good for me to hear you with such a simple set up from Cape Cod. See you.