Ume with red blosoms is fully out in the garden

Following the white species ones, this ume with red blossoms is full of flowers right now. This order won't be changed at all. It must be programmed when they are blooming. In a couple of weeks, cherry blossoms in the jr. high across the street will be starting blooming. Magnolia in our garden may ensue them. That is how spring is flourishing here.

It is how my parents might have appreciated the arrival of spring spending the last years of their lives. It is too short that we could enjoy it as the last movement of Das Lied von der Erde by Mahler sings. Too ephemeral to miss. I always wonder with what feeling they have seen these changes in this season. Has their belief in Christianity has relieved them?

Whatever I may get lost in this time of life, it still goes on as it is. Just accept it as it is. 

Anyway, it is the time lives are getting resurrected and vivid again. 

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