Contaminated water is still contaminated

Another bad news on the Fukushima NPP. The contaminated water reserved in numerous tanks, amounted to one million sq. meter in quantity, is still contaminated with multiple nuclear species like strontium. They were told to be deconaminated except for tritium by the removal device of multinuclear species. In reality, 80% of the contaminated water still contained high level of multiple radioactive substances. For example, the content of strontium reaches up to 60000 times of the permissible value in the environment. The removal process seemed not to have worked as expected. The amount of the inflow of the underground water into the plant was over 500 tons/day in the beginning. Now it has decreased to about 100 tons/day, which results in the increase of the contaminated water by 36500 tons a year. The contaminated water is still increasing in quantity everyday.

There are two aspects of this problem which aggravate the situation.

Firstly, TEPCO and the related authority of administration have never published this contamination issue by themselves. Thorough research of the data by the civilians has revealed it. Even if the authority did not intended to conceal it, they have not intentionally published such an important fact.

Secondly, they have started discarding the contaminated water into the ocean. This is a criminal conduct. The government should be aware of this continued contamination from the begining. Tritium itself could be dangerous even at low level since it could be condensed by the ecological link. The other multiple nuclear species could directly contaminate fish etc and are harmful to people inducing the internal radiation. Our PM used to announce that Fukushima NPP accident was under control as the attraction speech of the Olympic Games to Tokyo at IOC meeting. It could be a vicious lie to the world. 

Keep your eyes open to the further news on this issue. 

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