The election result of Okinawa governor

The election result of Okinawa governor will be a real clout to the Abe administration. Even though the government has orgnized a stark campaign for their candidate, some of them almost illegal, the liberal one has defeated the former by a big difference. The main issue was if they would allow the government to build a new military base at Henoko, a beautiful beach with a lot of animals/fish/coral. The new base is estimated to be a permanet facility. The US base lots occupy about 20% of the island, that is, 70% of total US military base in Japan in 0.6% of the land area of our country. It has been a pain for them to have such burden since the end of WWII. Our government will face to a difficulty how to do with construction of the new base at Henoko. Without approval for the plan by Okinawans, it won't be possible for anyone to construct any base any longer.

Okinawan US base is mostly of Marines, which should not be involved in the conflict of invasion to Okinawa itself. Marines should go to Sasebo at first to deploy the vessels in order to execute the operation. No reason to have such troops of Marines stationed in Okinawa. The Japan US Status of Forces Agreement is disadvantageous especially to the Japanese in Okinawa. The US military enjoys a  kind of extraterritoriality in Okinawa. It should have been corrected by our government. However, the politicians/high officials would never do that. It is believed there is a kind of hierarchy in our country of which the US military/government occupies the top.

The following article on the result of this election is excellent except for a couple of points. Firstly, Okinawa has not received any subsidy more than the other prefectures. The Okinawan government estimates the economy of Okinawa is not dependent on the income from the military base but it is an obstacle for them to develop Okinawa properly. Secondly, the new governor is still a mixed race between Japan and the US. But the race is not the matter. He is still what he has been and what he will have been. 


It may not be a problem of foreign people, especially of the US people. But if the problem of the US military bases continues in Okinawa, it could be a big thorn for both countries in the near future, I am afraid.

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