Seeing old Drew VK3XU

I have mentioned about Drew VK3XU especially in relation with Tim VK3IM for a few times. http://nuttycellist-unknown.blogspot.com/search?q=vk3xu I have talked to him once a few months in the past. His slow and steady CW sure reminds me of good old days. One of the operators who still have the charcter of those old operators.

I was called by him on 20m early this evening. It was a real pleasure to see him after having called CQ in vain for some time. It was in May when I met him last time and was told that he had had an accident causing fractures on both legs. He answered to my inquiry about it that he had recovered well now and could walk as before. He also told me his doctors had been quite good to him. It was a public hospital he had been treated for the fractures which required no cost for the treatment. I was really surprised that such a system of socialism was working in Australia even though, as he said, it was proposed to be privatized there.

Tim seems to be doing well. Drew told me he had met him from time to time even though not regularly. Tim has also given him land line calls. Tim has been a good friend of ours for last decades. Due to his health issues, he has not been quite active on the radio for some time. It was a good news he had been coming back on the radio now. I told Drew to pass my best wishes to this monk in Mt. Eliza, that is, Tim. Drew has enjoyed this naming to Tim.

Drew told me he would be 70 years of age this year. Yes, all of us are adding years to our age. I still have his image of his forties or fifties. All of us are still getting older. May we have healthy and fruitful aged years.

I have enjoyed seeing this old friend of mine. Sadly enough, such a QSO is becoming quite rare at present. I will keep my ears open to the down under from time to time.

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  1. Hello
    Thanks for your blog. I am a VK3 and I know and have heard both Drew VK3XU and Tim VK3IM on air for many years. You may be interested to know that VK3XU participates in a 160m net every day at 00:00UTC summer Australian time, 01:00UTC winter time. You can listen, as a number of people do, including some in the USA, on this SDR:


    Tune the SDR to 1.825MHz, AM. The net runs for one hour.

    Best 73, Paul VK3HN.