Already seemingly in mid summer

On the way back home from the city south of here, I went through by the ancient tomb named Bentenzuka, which I have posted about before.

It stood among rice paddies as it used to. It was very fine with some clouds flowing in the sky. The clouds were typical for that in summer. Rice seemed to grow well. Very quiet place.

Rice paddies were spreading like green carpet. Again, cumulonimbus clouds were accumulated on the horizon. It is a bit too early for us to see such clouds here. The summer solstice is close for now, though.

My sister has given me a postcard, which has told she and her spouse would have the golden golden wedding anniversary next year. They are planning a ceremony at their home. She also added it had been only 23 years ago when we celebrated our parents' golde wedding. Time still goes by quietly as well as steadily. When I cut the weeds in the garden with a long sickle, I remember my father used to do the same thing only 20 years ago. I feel as if I could hear the sickle making ticking sound he made hitting the ground.

In 3 weeks, we will have the 14th anniversary of father's passing. 

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