In the midsummer

We have been in a hot spell for a couple of weeks. They say it will last for another week. As Jim N3BB has summarized in his blog, this must be due to the climate change rapidly progrtessing since the end of last century. We should hurry coping with this natural as well as artificial disaster as soon as possible. It should be remembered mitochondrial DNA study reveals our ancestors have decreased to almost 2000 in number, that is, they were almost exterminated about 70,000 years ago. It was due to another natural climate change.

At the temp of around 35 degrees C this afternoon, I have mowed lawn in the yard. Weeds were growing rapidly. I hate using herbicides. Mowing weeds is an alternative to them even though weeds always win. Anyway, I fight a battle to be destined to be defeated.

In front of the street. I would like to make it neat and beautiful. 

Mariegold is fully blooming. I have them germinated from the seeds I collected from them last fall.

They will last for several weeks and please us much. Even though not so elegant or brillirant like roses etc. I love this Mariegold much. 

Repeatedly uploading photos of this tree, I took the photo of this zelkova since it has become our family tree. We have planted it decades ago in order to get shades at my parents' home. It was first only 4 or 5 meters high then. It has grown up to 15 meters. A gardener has cut the main trunk at about 10 meters of height last fall. Or it could cause damages to the house. Even though many branches were cut them, it has again grown this size now. It may go on watching what goes on at our family even after my parents were gone away.

This hot spell has slowed down growth of veggies now. However, some new plants of  tomatoes have grown from cut lateral buds of old ones. Hopefully, they may give us crops until early fall. 

Sometimes wondering how long I could do with the garden/farm here, I still go on working with them. Being in good health and with ability to work with them, what should I complain of? I still understand what my parents were thinking of when they both were working in the same way years ago. It is the way we pass our lives to the next generation.

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