How they are governing our country

This is a photo of the congressmen/women of the ruling party, LDPJ, surrounding our prime minister. They are enjoying Sake and foods together.

When do you think they have held this party? 

It was in the evening of July 5th. It was the time when  the torrents were starting causing terrible flooding/landsliding in the Western Japan. A few hours earlier, the meteorological agency has warned devastating disaster due to the torrential rain. It has victimized more than 100 people and 60 missing so far.

And it was the day before they would execute 7 convicts of death row. They have been sentenced to death years ago for their terrorism belonging to a cult. The terrorism issue has not yet elucidated clearly. Our prime minister and the minister of justice sitting right to him, a lady, had known of the execution the day after.

This shows how they are governing our country.

They are not concerned of the people or of the serious decision of execution. All they are concerned of is how to keep seats in the Congress and to maintain their power there.


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