Medical service should be out of the target of the market fundamentalism

The ultimate form of medical services based on market fundamentalism will be introduced in the US very soon. Here.

It is not "a fire on the opposite shore" for us. Our government always follows what the US is doing. It is always a theme for them how to help the businesses involved in medical service.

As already told in this blog, I am sure medical service belongs to social common capital. It should never be handled as one of the markets where big capitals would pursue only profit.

Let's see what will happen in the US.


  1. I retired at age 65 January 2016. My medical insurance cost was $1200.00 per month for my wife and I. Before the government takeover of medical care it was $300.00 per month. The system is in chaos and the fines on those who can't pay for the cost of medical insurance increase each year. I know many who can't afford the cost of the insurance. We will see if there is a better way. Hopefully efficiency and compassion can become a part of the medical care system.

    1. Mike,

      Does it mean Obamacare has increased your premium for Medicare? Isn't Medicare independent from Obamacare? I know Obamacare has reduced the number of non insurance people while it has burdened to those already on the insurance. It is a critical problem. I hope it will be worth of paying that increased premium. Fairness in medical insurance is a difficult problem. I hope the greedy insurance companies won't try to make more profit from the system.