A small but good story

I have been joining a BBS for medical doctors for years. The participants make post anonymously. Most posts are craps as those in the other anonymous sites are.

In such a BBS, however, a guy, who suffered from myocardial infarction at young age and are still with heart failure despite of stent therapy, has asked there about any possible therapy he could be benefited. A number of specialists have answered earnestly to him with most advanced knowledge of myocardial infarction management, which were mostly new to me. I was quietly as well as profoundly moved by their willingness to help a colleague doctor, anonymous and unknown to them.

There are so many troubles or evil things in the world. They say it is the days of the post truth. But this correspondence in the BBS showed a real good will to help the others by a number of doctors. I feel satisfied to have spent my life with this profession, even though I am now a professional house husband.

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