Off line for a couple of the past days

I have returned to the internet environment in a couple of days after I got off line due to the rooter trouble. The period of off line made me realize how much I have been dependent on the internet. No e mail nor SNS activities. It was a frustration to me but has reminded me of the days when the postal mail or telephone was the only way to get in touch with the others. Slow and composed time.

I would be in the internet from now on again. But I should remember of the old slow days from time to time. Time has flown fast since I last updated this blog. I would go on uploading new posts when I have any theme.

So that is the story here. Hot and muggy days are going on. At night, however, cool breeze is starting to blow now. Not so far from the fall here. Fifteen meters has opened to NA this morning after a few months absence of the path.

See you on line or on the air, everyone.

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