Brahms Piano Trio Nr3 in C minor

Now, recognizing losing a little bit but certain amount of hearing ability, especially the higher range of audio, I am hastened to appreciate various kinds of music. I thought I would lose chances to experience good music in my life. I still find myself, however, coming back to the pieces familiar to me since young days. Is it due to having lost sensitivity to beauty? No. I should convince myself it is a blessing that I could enjoy such a music.

This is one of them. Piano trio Nr 3 in c minor by Brahms. Power and will for life are expressed. The first theme of the 1st movement is full of such motivation. But, as the other works of Brahms in his late years in his life, it is replaced to resignation and consolation for life. When I was young, I used to feel, in such as the 3rd movement, Brahms must have lost creativity due to his aging. Simple structure with serene accords. I believe now, however, these are expressing what he felt in his old age. I still sympathize with it now.

No need to hurry up. Enjoying such a piece as this one, I should slowly go on appreciating every moment of this time in my life. 


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