New missile defense system deployed in Senkaku Islands

Our government will develop a new missile defense system (MDS) and deploy around Senkaku islands south west of Okinawa. As well known, it is the place of a territorial issue between Japan and China. A new MDS is not only to intercept the missiles attacking our territory but also to attack the vessels possessing and launching the missiles.

Generally speaking, the efficacy of MDS has been questioned since it was first developed. It won't do with multiple warheaded missiles or with the simultaneous attack with multiple missiles. Cruise missiles flying at low flight level are hardly intercepted by MDS. The actual use of PAC2 in the Middle East has reveled its low effectiveness;9%.

In addition to the low effectiveness as well as accuracy of MDS, it could elicit endless expansion of armaments. Actually, it is causing the expansion into the universe, where there is less resistance and hesitation to use nuclear bombs due to no immediate pollution with radio active substances on the earth. The expansion of armaments into the universe demands astronomical amount of expenditures. Of course, the MDS on the earth itself costs enormous amount of money as well.

In the MDS being developed now, it is also remarkable that the system is to attack the vessels carrying the missiles. If some conflict should occurs around the area by chance, the attack to those vessels may extend it to total war. This new MDS  won't work as deterrence but accelerate the possibility of total war.

Considering of all factors related with this MDS, the effectiveness, the cost and the acceleration toward armament expansion as well as of the possibility of total war, it should be abandoned. Despite of these issues, why does the government hasten to develop it? It must be for the profit of the military-industrial complex. Our country is getting into a historically extreme aging society now, which requires much expenditure for their medical and social welfare. I am afraid they don't have any room of the national budget for war game in reality.

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