Strawberry jam

Strawberry is getting ripe at the same time. I have harvested over 1 Kg of the fruits. Strawberry is difficult to preserve. 

A friend of mine suggested to freeze them. When eaten, they should be broken to pieces and be sprinkled with some sweet. I have frozen some of them and enjoy them in that manner in mid summer.

The rest was used for jam. Much sugar and lemon were added to the fruits and cooked until they became liquefied. It was stored in boiled glass wares. 

I remembered my father used to make the same kind of jam by himself. Some bottled blueberry jam is still somewhere in the kitchen. It won't be edible any longer. But it tells us how he has lived.

I wish there were some friends or kids close to us. I could have given them some of the jam products. 


  1. If you use pectin with the sugar and strawberry and lemon,it can keep for years in seal jars without refrigeration. I do this every summer with blueberries to make jam. the product we use liquid pectin sold by the company "certo". I am sure you have similar products in Japan. the package includes instruction for making different types of jams.

    wayne de VA7AT

    1. Wayne、

      Thanks for the info. How does pectin work to preserve jam longer? I am curious to know that. So far as I searched in the internet, it would work to increase the viscosity of the food or work as a kind of fiber to reduce the absorption of fat or sugar from the intestine.

      I remembered, immediately after the nuclear power plant accident, some people told that pectin would enhance the excretion of radioactive Cesium from body, which turned out not to be proved yet. We were really serious about the inner contamination through foods those days.

      I would eat the jam made this time in the coming year. So I won't need to care for the preservative. Anyway, thanks for the comment.


    2. Shin
      Pectin is a natural product extracted from fruits. a good explanation from WiKi .https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pectin
      It also binds and help eliminate heavy metals. the acidity and sterilizing the container prevent molds from forming at room temperature.