Seeing a friend in UK

I woke up this late and, as usual, sat before the radio. Forty meters was already dead for NA. I came up to 20m, where I found it fantastically open to Eu. G3XZG, Jeremy, has given me a call. I remembered that we had met a year or two ago even though I forgot of his name or the set up. He was running barefoot with a wire antenna. It was not difficult for me to read him with that set up tonight.

Jeremy is 63 years still working. He runs a straight key very fluently. I was impressed at his smooth keying as if perpetuating. He had come home early and started watching the band then.

I asked him how the news on Panama Papers had been handled by the mass media there. He answered it was not in the topic any longer. The issue if UK should stay in Eu or not has been on the mass media. I knew it was a really important thing for the people there. UK is, however, involved in the tax haven at various places in the world, I guess, so that the issue of Panama Papers should have been reported more.

He told me his daughter in law had been working at Toshiba Co. there. She has been worrying about its problem. Yes, the top management staff had been involved in a series of accounting fraud for years, so that the financial results were terrible for now. She knew a division of the company had been sold to make up the big deficits. The division sold was a company manufacturing medical devices, which was located some 20 miles north of my home. She knew the things were getting better. I told him the real reason why Toshiba went into such a financial crisis that the management staff had to make the accounting fraud was their failure in investment into the nuclear power plant business. Anyway, I wished her good luck for her career. The world is really small. And we are related each other in this way. I learned that from this conversation.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult for us to enjoy such meaningful conversation on CW nowadays. Nevertheless, when we could do that, it gives us much satisfaction. I  would catch Jeremy again soon and want to know if he could transit to retirement successfully as he plans in 2 or 3 years.

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