Meeting a gardener

My wife's flute teacher has introduced us a gardener. It was difficult for us to care for trees in the garden and yard by ourselves, so that we needed to do that for us. He has visited us this morning and has looked around for an hour. He was told to have started working as a gardener recently after retiring early. Gardening must have been his hobby for years. He seemed to know of gardening and of trees/plants pretty well.

It takes him a few days to care for all trees and plants in our property. We have discussed how to do with them. Really numerous trees.

This is Katsura, that is, Japanese Judas tree. He was first fascinated by this tree. A perfect shape of outlook. he has exclaimed of that a few times. This tree must have been grown here spontaneously. It must be almost half a century of age for now. Without any competing trees around it and with futile soil, it must have grown in this way, as he commented. Fortunately, it is too high for him to cut the branches and the trunk. We should ask another gardener capable of that.

This chestnut tree is also pretty old. And it should be pruned later. This tree bears a lot of fruits every fall. It must be planted by my father about 35 years ago. There are 3 of Dogwoods on the back. They should also be pruned or would grow much higher.

I have posted the photos of this plum tree here many times. The gardener was again amazed how vivid it looked like. It was also planted by my father some 20 years or more ago. Recently, it has failed to bear many fruits. But the gardener told us to enjoy the beautiful flowers in spring. Yes, it blooms like cherry flowers every spring. 

Other than these, we could name the trees in the property as follows; Crape myrtle, Sasanqua, Camellia, Hydrangea, Fragrant olive, Maple, Ume, Meadowsweet, Holly, Rose, Magnolia and so forth. Some grown naturally while the others were planted by my father and ourselves. The gardener has realized us how we have been blessed with those plants/trees. So far as we live here, we should care for them as a kind of family members. 

In the end of interview with us, he wanted to see Katsura again and smiled at it. He seems to love deeply plants and his job for them.


  1. Nice post. I am amazed that you know the names of three, often in English. We have beautiful Crepe Myrtles here in Texas as well.

    1. Haha, Jim, I am not good at the names of trees. Hearing of the gardener's explanation on them, I investigated on them. Much rain there must have turned your trees and plants vivid and fresh.