A couple of dishes featuring home grown vegetables

This dish is beef cooked with tomato sauce. Meat such as beef or chicken is often cooked with tomato sauce. One of my wife's best dishes was chicken made in that way. With red wine, in our honey moon days, how many times has that dish pleased our dining table? Who has imagined it would be only me who would cook it? Anyway, this dish tasted rich and good. 
I wondered how to cook egg plant and radish abundantly harvested in the garden farm. This is pork, amply salt and pepper given, pan-fried with egg plant garnished with grated radish. It was seasoned with sesame oil, sake or soy sauce etc. Egg plant is very good for dishes featured with oil. My mother used to make egg plant with oil and miso, which she loved very much. We have enjoyed this dish remembering of that egg plant dish made by my mother.


  1. Looks delicious! I think you are becoming a master at cooking!

    1. You should say I have been forced to become a master of cooking. No others are cooking for us. Honestly, it has still become a kind of hobby.