Mozart KV404a

Needless to say that Bach has founded a basis for classical music especially with the counterpoint. Composers in later age seemed to have studies his works. In addition to Beethoven etc, Mozart has left works based on Bach's The Well Tempered Klavier. This piece is the 3rd work of KV404a Prelude and Fugue for string trio after that Bach's work. Lovely and beautiful music. In prelude, we could hear Mozart's beautiful melodies while, in fugue, there is solemn structure by counterpoint after Bach. The violinist, Arthur Grumiaux, plays smooth silky tunes.

Why I have remembered this piece was because I happened to find the score of this music in a huge box of music scores stored at my parent's house. There were a lot of Bach's solo and chamber music as well as some orchestral musics' cello or bassocontinuo part score. Such as Matthew's Passion. Yes, I was dreaming of performing such a great work. Though it seems to end in dream for me. Now I play cello for myself.

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