A CW net in VK on 40 meters

As usual, I could not help saying that there has been much less activity of the ordinary conversation on CW than several years ago. The rotten band condition due to the ongoing solar flare also lowers it now.

Early in the evening yesterday, on the quiet 40 meters, I heard Ian VK3BJT calling CQ NET. No one answered to him. He has repeated calling again, when I made a brief call to him. I have recently met him on 40 meters several days ago. He belonged to the operators in good old days. We have had a pleasant chat. He sounded very happy because his daughter was going to marry in a couple of days. I just wanted to say hi to him again yesterday.

He told me they had had that QRS CW net on Tuesday and Thurseday. It was his turn to hold the net yesterday. To my inquiry how many guys always joined the net, he answered with laughter there was always at least one guy checking in the net. We have not talked any more of that topic since I knew it was the time of the net then. I was glad they were encouraging newbies on CW in that way. After we said good by, he again started calling the net.

I am still believing we are at the last age of CW communication, brilliantly ending its historical role and quietly placed at a corner of museum now. The days when we felt CW communication as the window to the outer world have already gone. The email or SNS etc has taken over the place in human communication. CW will continue to be as a game mode. But who cares for that? It is still the modern trend which no one could resist.

It is still good to know such a slow net is going on somewhere not far away, where the old timers are trying to deliver the technique of operation to the new comers. Some of them will appreciate the true pleasure to converse on this mode even if it won't change the trend yet. Staying in psssimism, let's maintain such an activity even if almost buried in the mess of cotest style QSOs on the bands.


  1. Yes, Shin. We have had the wonderful pleasure of living through the "Golden Age" of CW in Ham Radio. So many old friends who are now SK.

    1. Let's have it shine again as a token of CW operators who have experienced that age, Bob.

  2. Shin, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the future of the CW Mode. I have been active in CW for just a few years when compared to most operators. I do love the CW Mode. I am seeing some changes in the use of this beautiful form of communication here locally. My 10 year old grandson wants to learn CW. On nights he is not busy, he comes to my house and asks for CW lessons. He is up to six characters as of this writing. Also, our local Ham Radio Club has started a new class for teaching Morse Code. Several people are enrolled in the class and have learning for several weeks now. Shin, CW made fade away someday as a beautiful mode of communication, but maybe not as fast as we may think it will. Lets keep pounding the brass being a beacon for others to hear !!! Thanks for your writing, your blog is very enjoyable! 73 Otis KM7SM

    1. Otis,

      Thanks for the nice comment. It encourages me a lot. Someday, I hope to meet your grandson on CW. Such a boy could absorb everything very easily at his age. Tell him and the learners hams on this mode are waiting fot them all over the world. From my experience for over half a century as CW operator, CW lovers enjoy this hobby for the longest time and are always with good will and personality. See you again soon.