Quartet KV156 by Mozart

In several months after I started cello at the med school, I got the score of this music at a music score shop named Academia in Tokyo. I have never heard of that piece. The score still looked accessible for a beginner cellist. Having the other violinists and violist gathered, I organized an instant quartet once. It was at a room of the med school dormitory in early spring. We have played it once or twice there. unfortunately, it did not last to be a permanent quartet any longer. Maybe, my cello has ruined it.
In Youtube, I have found this performance. Pretty proficient players. I realized how good this piece is. A vivid and energitic music. It reminds me of young Mozart breathing in this music.
This video clip sure brings me back to the days when we spent sometime playing this piece at a room in the med school dormitory. I clearly remember who were the 1st violin and the violist. But the 2nd violin player was slipped off from my memory. The violinist was a beautiful girl with exceeding capability in performance. A good friend of mine, majoring in dentistry, was playing viola. Anyway, it is a fond memory.

My main interest in music has been in the category of chamber music. That interest must have started at this time in my life when I first knew of some chamber music. I was enchanted by the chamber music which we could hear each player playing and breathing together. There are a lot of chamber musics which I have never listened to. Before I become incapable of enjoying those musics, I should spend more time listening to them. One of such genre must be those earliest quartets by Mozart. 

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