A murder case suspiciously by a teen age boy.

The murder case of 13 year old boy suspiciously by an 18 year old has given a big impact on us. They have been in the same gang group lead by , the suspect of this case, the 18 year old one.

The way of killing was shocking to us as well as their young ages were. The suspect seemed to have killed the victim cutting his neck with a knife. It apparently reminded us of the way of killing by ISIS. Actually, the suspect has done it after them.

When mass media has sensationally handled this news in the society, there were many people who claimed a severe punishment to the criminal. Most of them have handled the suspect as the criminal even in the beginning. Mainly through the internet, some people insist to introduce policy of severer punishment into the law of criminal case of young people. There is even an opinion to punish such a criminal of teenager with death penalty.

I won't approve the death penalty in any case including this one. One reason is that there could be cases of false charge. A research of false charge cases for death penalty in the US says the false charge rate was up to 1.3%. With death penalty, the falsely accused person won't revive after execution even if the false was proved. Police/judge court could never always be right.

The other point is that death penalty has proved not to decrease the rate of the grave crime like this case. In Canada, the rate has even decreased after cessation of death penalty. Criminological psychology tells us murderers won't consider of the possible death penalty to him/her at the moment when he/she commits that crime.

It also should be considered that those criminals, especially young ones, could understand what he/she has done, so that could rehabilitate to the society after having compensated his/her crime at facilities. I should admit it is a difficult way for him/her, though.

This peculiar case makes me consider of our responsibility for young people. ISIS is a radical cult of Islam, I know. We could not be, however, irresponsible for the occurence of such a cult. What political event has given birth to such a radical terrorists? I don't think we could be free from the reason why they have been born and how they could exist in the world. Even though we should deny their terrorism, we should feel the pain why it has appeared in the world.

It is most important to search what has caused this cruel crime. Not easy to understand the suspect's history of life, character or family history etc. What could be done to prevent such a case is the key point. Even with such thorough study of the case, there might be something we could never understand of. When we find anything we could not understand in such a case, we are apt to feel our peaceful lives are threatened by something looming to us. In certain probability, there is such a personality who could behave as this suspect in our society. Even with death penalty, such a serious crime prone personality could not be excluded. It is the opposite side of our society to those of idealistic perosnality who would do credit to the society. If we would try to exclude those crime prone personality, it would be like a society of totalitarianism. In the hysteric response to this case in the society, I could smell a kind of this tendency.

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