Omission of the other's call is often confusing.

There are still callers who omit sending my call before theirs. Only their calls like in DXpedition QSO. Actually, some of them could be calling not me but the other, always certain DX, in split frequency operation. In that case, after sending him the necessary informations and turning to reception, I would find no one there  and, what is worse, that guy went on calling with only his own call.

If such a caller is off my frequency or not in time, I would not respond to him. I might have to ignore such a caller even on the right frequency in time. We should tell beginners that the pile up game is not the ordinary way of communication. It is an anomalous way. We should advocate the traditional way of communication on CW.   

Of course, if the other you are calling is aware of your calling him, it is not necessary to give his call before yours. It could be even redundant especially when the condition is not good.


  1. Other than contest environment, when the first call is initiated, it is very poor procedure to omit the call sign of the station being called. In contest environment, there are no rules or such things as "proper procedure", so anything goes. Once a QSO has begun, there is little question of the parties to the QSO and single call signs, sending BK or full break-in is adequate. I wonder if many of the new comers to CW are being taught by contest operators, not traditional CW operators.

    1. Amen. That omission may sound efficient and cool to those new comers.