It was a fun but candidly...

It was amazing 15m remained open to the East Coast until 02Z. An hour before noon here. Just finished a QSO with Dan K2YWE. Before that and a QSO with another fine operator Fred K7LF, I had called CQ without any replies for a long time.

The trend is still 599 QSL type. Though we could find such jewelry QSOs as that with Dan in the sand of those boring QSOs, it is a problem for me that the trend is still growing. It will be a question for me to stay on the radio or not in the near future.

I must confess that I am losing interests in radio now. It might have reached me silently for the past years. Spending time with meaningless QSOs or even calling CQ, I find myself wearied so much. I ask myself if I should spend this precious time in the end of my life with it. Such a QSO as that with Dan always take me back to this hobby for a while. Candidly, I still feel my mind is gradually getting away from ham radio.

It is not a problem of ham radio. We could do little for its trend. But it is my own problem.


  1. I often feel the same way Shin. I have cut back my operating time lately and only get on the air in the early mornings here on 40M. I always find at least one good conversation at that time. I find that I get excited and my interest goes up when someone needs help. Lately its been Don, WB6BEE, and his antennas and Steve, N6TT (yes, he still exists). with his rig. Unfortunately society has become less personal and more competitive (i.e.: contesters). I have plenty of interests to keep me busy and still plan on playing radio for the near term. Hope to see you on the air soon
    Bill, W6QR

    1. Bill,

      You are going on the right track for this hobby. I am afraid I am sometimes skeptical for this hobby. Maybe, it is a temporary change in mood. A kind of moratorium in life of "presenility"! Ham radio is not a business nor a compulsory thing in life for me. So I would do with it as I want to. I don't think I would quit radio completely but would take a distance from it. See you for another fine ragchew soon.


  2. Hi Shin

    Yes indeed it is a struggle to stay motivated. Here in 9V the propagation is more difficult to USA than from JA, plus I have the local QRN up to S7 sometimes. So conditions must be very good in order for me to have any chance. Then of course all you get are 599 TU QSO's. I find that some operators get angry with me if I try to have a conversation with others, thereby denying them a chance to get me in the log.
    It is all becoming rather meaningless and a waste of my precious time.
    I am thinking of applying for Associate status in FOC because it is unfair on those waiting to be nominated, and they could be more active than I can.

    I have been enjoying myself with family matters, building simple electronics projects, seeing friends, listening to music, reading and keeping healthy by walking long distances.

    At the moment all those activities are better than spending hours in the shack listening to static, or sending 599 TU ad nauseum when the bands are open.

    But as you say it may just be a mood and things will change !

    All the best

    1. John,

      Honestly, it is a sorrow for me that you would move to an "Associate". It is your decision, John. Even if you become that status, we could get in touch by some means. I am very sorry the noise also has disturbed you there. There must be much noise around in the city area.

      I would stay being a member and spend sometime in the shack. The time I listen on the bands is getting a bit less than before. I still enjoy hearing from old friends. But the conversations on the air have undergone a subtle but definite change in its meaning to me.

      Let's keep in touch by some ways, John. I would hear what you listen to etc. take care, my friend.