Bruce K1BG

I have met Bruce K1BG on 40m tonight. Unfortunately, the condition was not best. His signal sounded watery and was disturbed with fast fading. In addition, soon, we were involved in the pile up for TI9 DX pedition. I have had to tie up the ribbon soon.

When I casually surfed to his page in QRZ.com, a quotation of my bio sentences came into my eyes. He told he had sympathized at my point of view. I was glad to find a friend showing his approval to my idea.



  1. I checked my log book and have not had the privilege of having a conversation with Bruce. I will have to note his call. I did, however, go to his QRZ page to read his comments. The real story contained in the writings by Bruce of his conversation with you two years ago is not the concept of conversational CW versus other forms, but the influence of JA1NUT on the world around him.

    1. Don,

      Thanks for the comment. i am making least influence on the CW world. I guess Bruce used to be, and possibly still is an avid contester. I am glad he has realized what brings us the real pleasure in ham radio. The bands aounded like those in Maunder minimum this morning. Very few statessides. I started practising cello earlier. You might be talking a lot with Wen after her long trip away home. See you soon.