Recovering from vision problem

My wife has undergone cataracts surgery almost a year ago. She has gradually developed vision difficulty with mild myopia since that procedure, even though she got perfect vision at first. She was really disappointed at it.

This afternoon, she wanted me to take her to the ophthalmologist. She would consult about it to him. As expected, it turned out to be late onset cataracts, which often occurs after surgery. It is clouding of the capsule of the lenses. She has had a few floaters in vision as well, which could be a sign of retinal problem etc. This seemed a phsiological aging phenomenon as the doctor said. She has been done with laser treatment. It is a procedure to make holes in the clouded capsules. It is a very simple procedure done at the outpatient. No anesthesia but mydriasis only.

The result was more than satisfactory to her. She was really glad to have it done. We thanked to the doctor as well as to the laser technology. I am sure many people are benefitted with this procedure. Most of the illnesses in the elderly won't get well so perfectly as this one. I am sure she has felt as if revived. On the way back home, she has been exclaiming how well she could see things.

It would be my turn soon. haha

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