The DXpedition to Navassa Isaland has started after 22 years of hiatus since last one. This tiny island is told to be the most wanted entity in DX world. I was also impressed Haiti insisted of their right of posession while the USA had been substantially governing it.

I have "watched" K1N on 40m CW last night and on 15m SSB this AM. On 40m, 7023kHz where it showed up has been often used by BY guys. There was a bit mess with some chinese on that spot last night. K1N operator was giving preference to JAs. It is a good judgement because the window opens for short time. On 15m, the operator has instructed a narrow range of frequencies to the callers in split operation. An admirable operation!

Me? I have worked KP1 22 years ago and have given up the race of DXing. I would be the last one to call them if they should seem bored with being not called.  

From a mail from Jim W6YA;

In the video taken at another DXpedition in 1972, it seemed this site looked  quite the same as this photo shows.

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