The nuclear power complex still avidly seeking their profit

There was a small item of news in a local column of a paper yesterday, that told a few researchers of Tokyo University had received tens millions JPY as funds for research from nuclear power generation companies.

They, specializing nuclear power, have been on charge of the Nuclear Power Safety Council in Ibaraki prefecture. A couple of them, T. Okamoto and N. Sekimura, used to make real time comments in a TV program as professionals on the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident in 2011. Their comments were out of focus, even though they were intending to do so or not. Anyway, they could be regarded as on the side of the nuclear power companies. I clearly remember that Professor Sekimura was telling that only portion of nuclear fuels had been denuded when they already melted down. They should have not been qualified as researchers in nuclear power any longer.

I suspect this is an issue of conflict of interest. The nuclear power complex, that is, the governmental office, the politicians, the researchers and the nuclear power generation companies, that are deeply involved in this industry, is still actively but unnoticeably acting together. This complex is aiming at re-start of the nuclear power plants in order to preserve their profit from this industry.

The news didn't seem to question about the relationship between them and the nuclear power generation companies.

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