Running across with a young composer

I have run across with Doug NC3I in Seattle on 40m this evening.

He has just finished the graduate school there and has got the doctorate degree in Music. He is a composer. He sounded a bit excited. It seemed he had had a concert for his work performed there that evening. He might be honored as the composer laurelled with the degree.

When I told him I could not understand the atonality in the modern music, he answered me the atonality was already "old". He composes based on our traditional music featuring improvisation. His work is planned to be performed in Japan. I would see him and may talk about music as well as his old TR4 then.

Ham radio is not dead at all but is still fascinating, isn't it?


  1. These are the "jewels" of our hobby, when a random contact not only diverges/expands from the 5NN CUL 73 to the rare times when both operators have the time and the skill levels to expand. I had one of those wonderful surprises a few weeks ago when a fairly weak DL station answered my CQ. We ended up in German, with me, poor and struggling, but a fairly long conversation about several subject, and he, slowing down the CW since I was writing it all down with a pen and paper, and using simple and basic conversational German. He is the Dean of a law school there, and a prominent official in the DARC. We exchanged emails later, and overall it was just so much fun and included the magic of our hobby. Shin, congratulations once again on your English proficiency as well as your breadth of interests and your humanity. This is a wonderful post. Oh yes, do be sure and publish all your blog comments in a book some day. :-) Jim.

    1. Jim,

      There must be such a ragchew everywhere in the world. It won't be public like the results of contests or the awards. But, as you may approve it, it is the essence of this hobby. With your proficiency in German, you might have wider perspective you could reach in this hobby. Congratulations. I don't know how much I could do from now but will would like to brush up my English and seek another wonderful chat on the air.