This is one of the camellias in our garden. All were planted by my father 30 years ago. They give us those flowers in this season and let us know the winter is almost over. Planting trees and flowers might be a real good gift to descendents. Even if they won't know who have planted them, they might imagine an ancestor has done that.


  1. Your heading on FaceBook was very insightful. A gift from your father. Every time you see a bloom on this gift, you will have him in your mind and heart. It will renew itself annually for you and for your children. Your father was a very gracious person.

    1. Don,

      I always appreciate your thoughtful comment. Whether he was such a guy or not I don't know, his gift is still here. It makes me think of our lives, something delivered to us from our ancestors, which should be given to the folks coming in the future.