The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is under discussion among the countries involved in it. It is not yet opened what agreements they would provide. It is going on in secret. The most important matter is that it could force each country to change its own system as the global companies wish to.  So far as the leaked information says, the most part of the content is concerning, not the issue of trading itself, but the regulation issue in each country. Among them, the article of the Investor State Dispute Settlement seems most important. When any investor, most likelily a global company, judges that a foreign government has given them any disadvantage by some regulation, it could accuse the government to a relevant organization under WTO. The judgement by that organization is told to override any domestic law.

I am afraid this agreement would mess or even destroy the systems as commonage in any particular country. It is only for the global capitals but not for the peoples. It is surprising that any government could take it granted that they would serve for the global capitals but not for the people.


Sorry for not having renewed the blog for some time. A family issue has prevented me from doing that. I guess I could post new articles from now on. Thanks for your patience.

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