Spring has come here

For the past couple of days, it has become much milder here. I feel as if I have moved to another country with warm weather. We have had a very cold and bleaky waether this winter. It is almost gone now.
Ume flowers are almost coming out in our garden. It is surprising they have got ready to come out even in such a cold snap for the past months. The garden will keep me busy from now on. Pulling weeds, planting new flowers or vegetables and making flower beds. We plan to have flower gardens and deck constructed this spring. We should get it shaped as we want it to be not so long if not perfect. It would be our another goal in our lives.



  1. A deck would be nice Shin, I'd be interested to see how you design it. I'm planning on building a deck at Benbow, I've been thinking about it for a few years and find that designing it so it is complimentary, aesthetically, to the house and garden is my biggest challenge.

    1. Hi Steve,

      We have ordered a constructor to build a deck in front of our living room. We have been wondering if we should order a wooden deck but finally decided to make a synthetic resin product. It contains some wood material in it and looks like wood. It may last long enough for us. We won't live here longer than 20 years from now. So it is good enough. It is free from maintenance. I will take a photo and may upload it here.

      The flower gardens, which we asked them to build, are on the both sides of the entrance to the carports. My wife would like to plant roses etc there. Maybe, I will put its photos here also.

      It takes us some money to build those but it is worth spending that money. It won't be so many years that we could enjoy the surroundings here. Enjoy planning your garden and deck there.

  2. It sounds wonderful Shin and I will picture you enjoying a good cigar and great scotch on your new deck this spring!