Film scanner

I have got a film scanner. Using it, I am going to have old negative films digitalized.
Old scenaries or figures pop up on the display. It brings me back to the world 20 or 30 years ago.  Good old memories.
I feel to be asked if I have done all the best to the link of life to the next generation. Was I a good father for children? Such inquiry goes on in my mind.
This is our 2nd son aged possibly 3 years. He says hi. 

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  1. Hello Shin. My oldest son was born in 1980 and then we had three more children born in 1982, 1988, and 1992. We seem to have a lot more and better photos of the younger children than the older ones. Time and technology changes I suppose. Plus, we had better gadgets as I got older and made more income.

    I sometimes wish I could go back and take more photos...

    73 de Jeff, KE9V