Another complaint

Let me complain again of a modern trend in ham radio.

The high bands have been pretty good for all over the world. I often spend morning and evening hours calling CQ there. Unfortunately, there are very few callers to me. At times, in very rare occasions, a small pile up to me occurs all of sudden. I guess I am spotted in a cluster, which makes that pile up. I feel embarrassed having such a pile up. Those callers are always going away as soon as finishing exchanging reports only.

If I guess it right, it is another example that clusters or RBN are devaluaing the characteristics of ham radio which promise us rich and pleasant world of communication. The cutting edge technology makes it handy to work with some DX. But there is only a game like QSO left. No much pleasure as we used to have. Of course, the high tech itself has not brought a world devoid of interests to the others and human conversation. The technology is free from any moral sense. When it is introduced in ham radio, however, it makes deterioration of the ham radio. There may be no cause result relationship but a close parallelism between the introduction of the technology and the less meaning in ham radio.

I am still going to look for some pleasant conversations on the air, however small chance I might have for such a QSO. But I must admit I won't repeat calling CQ for many times at one occasion for now.


  1. Shin San,

    Your comments are taken for what is going on in the world of ham radio today. I feel that ham radio often reflects the people in our society around us. It is unfortunate that we can sense more because it was not always this way, but others seem to be too busy with their lives to slow enough to reflect on how things were before, or they really do not care. Good to know you can get some stirring and a few short contacts now and then, for what ever reason with your fine signals.
    Bob Gates

    1. Bob,

      Maybe, I am a stubborn anti-cluster and -RBN believer. If they should be too busy to make such a slow QSO and rush QSOs using those devices, they might take fast foods for meals as well. Too bad for health! I would advise them to change their way of life.

      I hope you are feeling much better for now. I will catch you in slow way soon.