Hassaku marmalade

A sister in law has sent us several fresh Hassaku. It is a kind of orange with thick skin and sour sweet taste. She has its tree in the garden. She doesn't like its sour taste and always throw away fruits into farms there, as she says. My wife has asked her to send some of them here.

Since I was sure they were free from any chemicals like insecticide, I thought it was suitable for marmalade. I have made it from them. Peeling the skin and cutting it thin, I mixed it with the content of the fruits. Sugar was added by 40% of the whole weight. Simmering it for sometime, it became slightly gluey and translucent. Here it is the fresh fruity marmalade of Hassaku. It is very good to be spread on bread as well as to add to yogurt.


  1. Looks very good. The Hassaku sounds a lot like our sour orange used in Latin cooking. Especially some Cuban pork and beef dishes.
    Must try the marmalade.

  2. Hi Shin:

    After reading about your marmalade I couldn't help but to buy some at the local market. It's been a long time since I've had marmalade and have always enjoyed it. I tried an experiment last night; I cooked a nice thick piece of salmon and prepared it with a little soy sauce and then spread marmalade on top as a glaze. It was very good, a little salty and a little sweet, quite tasty! I will definitely prepare that again.