"Pot au feu Nabe"

I am apt to cook too much at one time. We could not help saving the rest of the dish in the refrigerator. It is not uncommon in a small family, I blieve. However, it sometimes cause an unexpected thing like today.

Yesterday, we had a hot pot dish called Nabe. It's a family cooking typical for this season. It was intended to take it for the coming 2 or 3 days being saved in the refrigerator. Tonight, I thought, as my wife always does, she had moved the content of Nabe into a metal pot kept in refrigerator.

This evening, I have added some freeze dried Nabe soup, oyster, codfish and chinese cabbage etc into that "Nabe". It still should be a perfect dish. However, it turned out to be Pot au feu which was made 2 days ago. So it is "Pot au feu Nabe." Not bad. A bit strange taste. Unexpected blending of Japanese and the Wetern style. Nabe dish was kept in the utility room. 

I won't dare to recommend to try it to anyone. But again, it was not bad.

Don has unintentionally called this blog as food blog. He has not made a mistake. This blog is becoming a food blog as he says. I would try to discuss a bit more on politics, economy or the present situation of CW/ham radio etc. Maybe, soon.


  1. I think I may have hit the nail on the head. Three food posts this past month. More appetizing than other topics suggested for the future.

    1. Ha, ha! Next one is a new field for me. Cake baking!