Apple cake

I have never made any cake in the past. Having several apples as a present to my wife from a patient, I decided to bake an apple cake. Three of them were used. Baking powder or vanilla essence was quite new to me. The recipe said any cake pan was not necessary but the pan of the electric range with a piece of cooking sheet on it was necessary. But it was not correct. Or the apples were too big. Some of the material was overflowed from the pan. Anyhow, it was done. A bit too sweet. Still fresh and pleasant.

Maybe this sweetness is for American people. The whole cake looks dynamic! I wonder how my wife will comment on this very first cake for me.

No, this blog is not a food blog. Next post may not be regarding any food. Possibly.


  1. You have left us with an unanswered question. Chiaki's Response, please.

    1. She loved it. She ate too much...that is the problem.